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Message to South Fayette Lacrosse

In light of a complaint made to WPYLA regarding parent and player behavior, I wanted to remind everyone that:


South Fayette Lacrosse strives to promote fair play, sportsmanship and strength of character.  The game belongs to the players and as parents and coaches we set the example.

Always -
·         Let the Coaches coach
·         Make only positive comments from the sideline
·         RESPECT the referees decision
·         Show good SPORTSMANSHIP
·         ENJOY cheering for your child and team

Sideline Coaching – Let the coaches’ coach
Allow the coaches to manage the players and refrain from offering additional instruction during games or practices. Spectator direction and instructions from the sideline to the players on the field is counterproductive to player development. A critical part of the player development process is to provide players with the tools to make decisions for themselves during games. The games are the player’s time to make their own decisions with the help and guidance of their coaches.

Sideline Criticism and Sportsmanship
Enjoy cheering for your child. Positive cheering is encouraged however negative remarks about any players performance during games is not tolerated.  Treat all players, opponents, parents, officials, and coaches with courtesy, respect, and good sportsmanship. Avoid criticizing players, teammates, coaches, organization, or opponents in public. Always remember, parents set the example for players and represent the club

Respect the referees decision
Always respect league officials. Criticizing the referees decision is counterproductive. While you may not agree, refrain from criticizing the referees decision. Any concerns about the referee’s individual or overall performances must be directed to the Head Coach or to the Director of Coaching at the appropriate time who will follow up through the appropriate channels. Parents are not to address any league officials directly.

Approaching the Coach on game day
Parents must remain on the spectator’s side of the field for the duration for the game and are not allowed to approach the coach during the game.  Parents must respect the need for a cooling off period immediately after games and not attempt to offer critiques to coaches until sufficient time has passed.  All critiques will be approached in an adult, positive way and not in front of youth players.

by posted 04/18/2017

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